Will 10sp fit Campy Zonda's.

Campagnolo 97 Zonda 16R Clincher wheels set (NOS) - eBay (item 280566910170 end time Oct-02-10 14:33:35 PDT)

Whats the deal with gearing compatibility of older style campag wheels?

I want a set of old Vento’s or Zonda’s but i don’t know if they are compatible or not. Most hub bodies say 9 speed on them but people claim they fit 9/10/11sp…

I am watching the Zonda’s linked above but i am not 100% on whether they will take my 10sp cassette. Can anyone help from a previous experience?

If its a nine speed wheel then They’ll take 9,10 or 11 speed campy cassettes
The 8 speed stuff won’t work but the 9 speed stuff will.
Nice looking wheels !

i 've had a good look at them gypsy These will fit, if the hub body groves are raised and the body is aluminium it will take 9/10/11 (but 11 is tricky at the best of times) 10 is fine. for the record 1996 9 speed was 9 specific.

Trust me i’ve been through it.

Shit i might even buy these :wink:

Found out 8sp Shamals fit 10sp. You just can’t use the lowest granny gear.

Gypsy,whats the point of that. Just run 9 speed, if you run 10 speed on a 8 speed (miche converter only as i doubt a campy cassette will fit) shamals you can run the risk of damage. Actually im pretty sure you cant do it. but prove me wrong.

I ran into a dude with shamals. Who claims to have put a 10 speed cassette on his 8 speed shamals and has it work fine on one bike with full 10sp range but not fine on another. Found this whilst trawling forums…

Current 10 sp small axle, steel body cassette hubs will interchange with Chorus and below 8 sp hubs. The Record 8 sp used a different axle and cassette hub body. Old style, pointy, 8 sp brifters cannot be made into 10 sp.