Will my tyre make it Doc?

Canning it up Old Cleveland Rd this morning with a Brisbane City Council bus on my arse ++ I get a rear blow-out! First time I’ve had a blow out actually and I was shitting myself trying to stay up and from under the bus!

Anyway stoppped and found a 75mm wood screw in the side wall of my gatorskin
I chucked in a new tube and finished the ride to work but I’m wondering if the tyre is screwed now or not.

Does the tube bulge out the hole in the tyre? Whack a patch inside it, but its probably toast.

^ nope no bulging
I’ll see what happens with it

Cut a 2" length of an old skidded-out tyre (the less rubber, the better), trim the beads off, whack it under the hole, glue it or don’t – DIY tyre boot. You may or may not feel it when you ride, but it’ll hold. IMO, worth it for the peace of mind.