Williams F1 Track bike???

Limited edition apparently…

Wonder why?

Williams Formula one Track Bike Limited Edition | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Yarra Area - Fitzroy

Are they teeny wheels ? I think that’s what they’re called

Other items: “It’s sexy, it’s the Bolt!”

It’s pronounced “shitty”.

see sellers other items/address, “just ride it” brunswick

just ride it did bikes for each of the F1 teams for the 2013 gp.

good idea, still not great bikes.


I’d rather ride an upside down bar stool!

Wouldn’t trust a bike shop that doesn’t know which way bullhorns are supposed to point.

i’m assuming without the teams’ knowledge. is that even legal?

I doubt it’s under any kind of official licence. The fees would be astronomical: F1 didn’t get to be the monolith it is by giving away their intellectual property to shitty bike shops.

Someone doing local event management for the Williams tent thought it was a good idea…

F1 2014 rule changes are rumoured to be using Teny wheels as controls for all teams.

Fucking lol at the photo of mr bottas in front of the car. That makes it all the more legit.