Wind breakers/winter gear

So the mornings are getting fresh and I’m in the market for a new jacket to ride in. I have a Rainbird windbreaker that I picked up in an op shop but it doesn’t breathe at all so I end up really clammy after riding for more than 10 minutes or so. I tend to think that anything breathable won’t be waterproof (or very warm) and vice versa, but does anyone have something (Swrve, Rapha etc) that works well?

yeah I have the same problem, I have a macpac windbreaker and I get clamy too, but on those really cold nights i’d prefer to be clamy than freezing.

check swrve out, they have some good stuff. And only like $12 postage US

I have a Snowgum shell jacket. It’s brilliant ! Hi cut neck, velcro cuffs, long at the back with a drawstring, water proof and breathable. Only cost me about $100.

i have a northface windbreaker jacket…it’s awsome, totally water resistant and comfy…

check out this website for some good deals - goods are cheap but shipping price isn’t that great, normal for US based store

I’m blessed with some exceptional hair producing genetics, which means that I only really need a t-shirt.

thats cause your a farm man.

I found using arm warmers and a gilet (windproof vest) was cheapest way to stay warm and not oveheat. When i get too hot I take off the arm warmers and put them in the vest pockets. It’s also got a mesh back so when unziped I don’t really get hot.

Got both of them off ebay fairly cheap…cheaper than the windproof vests I was looking at.

I find in Melbs wearing anything waterproof for more than 10 mins makes me sweat as much or more than the rain gets me wet. So for me its about keeping warm, which means protected from the wind.

max speaks the truth… get a water-resistant gilet and wool arm warmers and extend the usage even further. windproof gear is a major benefit in currently cool mornings of the ‘windy city’.

a lot of expensive jackets (eg entrant/goretex for streetwear/hiking) dont function as well on the bike due to the lack of venting and the high amounts of sweat produced on the bike at australias relatively warm temps.

if you go for a full jacket look for good venting in the form of pit zips and back vents (not chest vents as these will let cool air in the front of your jacket while riding and cool you too much). these will help a lot to dump the extra mositure/heat that can build up and result in internal condensation which will make you feel like your expensive jacket is not waterproof/leaking.

i have a couple of softshells that i use for commuting in pretty much any weather through winter here… they are waterproof and warm enough to suffice, but all have lots of vents and by the nature of the softshell are quite breathable. i have a mtn designs one i’d get rid of for cheap ($50) as it doesnt fit me as well as id like and i got a craft one to replace it.

i have a couple of friends with the rapha softshell and they love them. i think they look great and seem very functional. [insert peoples normal quibbles about sticker price].

alternatively you could ride slower on dry days :wink:

I should have added it’s also stylish. I wear it over a jersey or when it’s really cold over a wool jumper.

+1 for a gilet and arm warmers for spring & autumn though.

I only put my waterproof jacket on when its raining, otherwise it stays in my bag and I just layer up for the commute in the morning. Usually a long sleeve fitted tshirt/thermal thing with a regular tshirt over it. ANother long sleeve over the top of that if its REAL cold.

The main issue I have during winter is my hands and lower legs getting really dry from the cold winds.

Posted by: chazhutton today at 10:18:09 AM
I’m blessed with some exceptional hair producing genetics, which means that I only really need a t-shirt.

Are you offering a windbreaker made from human hair? Because that’d be o.k. if you were :slight_smile:

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alternatively you could ride slower on dry days

No god, no master. Ride faster. Nik, PM’d re: Mountain Designs surplus stock .

na - I’m just saying that there are benifits to missing an evelutionary step.

Last winter I got a pair of netti full gloves with an elastic wrist, they completely cut out the wind and cold, but suck in the rain.
Definitely a good option though, I ride a bit on cold nights and they help out a heap.

+1 on the gilet and arm warmers for the cold mornings.

For the wet days I’ve got a dhb event whickam jacket from wiggle that I can recommend as the most breathable waterproof jacket I’ve ever owned. It’s great for the downpour days and for the days where it showers and then stops and then showers cause you don’t overheat and get sweaty too much. At least, less than any other jacket I’ve owned.

I’ve also got a swrve soft shell hoodie which looks rad but I haven’t been able to try it out yet cause it looks warm enough for the depths of winter.

I always carry a packable Nike NSW jacket in my bag. It crushes into my back pocket need be. Doesn’t have a lining, but its that almost paper material and when you sweat it doesn’t feel sticky. Great for when it rains all of a sudden or gets cold.

Got the Rapha Softshell last year and used it all winter. Best jacket for melbourne weather. Its light, but warm enough to keep you warm. Its breathable and has pit vents so you don’t have to undo the jacket when you overheat. It is also waterproof and if you do sweat in it, dries pretty much right away when you take it off.

Its got pockets where you need em and zips up the side rather than the traditional middle…so when you have a messenger bag on you can get the jacket at least half open to cool yourself.

Looks pretty sharp as well, I reckon you could wear it out easy. Only thing is that cos its made for riding, its a little short up front…so if you like your tee shirts baggy, then maybe don’t wear it out - or tuck your tee in!!!

Price was roughly AUD$300 shipped…but i know im gonna be using it regularly for at least another couple years. I reckon thats good investment for a good looking thing that actually works.

I had some full fingered fox gloves with no major air holes in it. they did alright, but my hands get warm pretty quickly so most of the time I go without gloves unless its REAL cold. Just have to make sure to moisturise regularly.

In canada, lots of people use winter mechanics/tradesman’s gloves until it gets really cold (personal definitions apply here - i’d get down to about 5C and then switch to these awesome winter gloves). you can also use snowboarding spring/pipe gloves but they can have pretty sticky palms :frowning:

they are cheap, hardy and easily replaced
not especially well padded for long rides,8680.msg126458.html#msg126458


swrve milwaukee when it’s cooler and patagonia rain shadow for warmer days