Wind noise reduction - any perspectives?

Anybody tried any of these devices you wrap around your helmet strap to reduce the wind noise hitting your ears? Thoughts? They are expensive for a what’s ultimately just some velcro and felt, or similar. I was thinking of making my own.

These for example:
Wind Blox
Cat Ears

They are extremely effective, yes you could make your own.

They are extremely dorky.

just go deaf, there’s a lot more respect in that.

I think those three replies have perfectly distilled exactly what this forum is about :slight_smile:

this is the beauty of this community.

Just slow down.


Holy shit haha I’ve never seen or heard of these.
Half the fun of cycling is yelling really loud at your mates about shit no one else wants to hear.

Yeah I used to ride through that street weekly, they took to writing all over the street with chalk and putting signs up to keep quite.

Since getting one of those newfangled aero lids I’ve really noticed the noise reduction.
Plus I’m 16 seconds faster for every 40km which really pisses off the guys I ride with.