winter beater.

my winter beater bike!

i bought this bike( off jaseyjase a few months ago, took it apart and never really ended up using it… haha
so i decided to build up a winter bike with bits laying around the house.
(and decided to put the homemade rack/box on the back instead of the front as jase had it)

Frame is a Kuwahara, was an Indi Hawk. Kashima Saddle, Sugino Aero Mighty cranks, Stronglight fluted seat post. Stem and bars are random old bits. Penfold Grange Wine Box mounted on a rear rack. Velocity fusion wheelset with 40c Duro tire on the front and 38c CST on the back (clearence for both is perfect!). Pedals are MKS AR-8 with njs MKS toeclips.

all i need now are fenders…

Saddle angle looks a little off, and also when the back is full you may find it hard to skeeeeeed so maybe a brake somewhere or a front rack instead could be good.
Otherwise, very nice, probably what I should build for myself.

saddle feels comfortable like that. it doesn’t feel the same as normal saddles and i personally like it that way.
and I’ve taken it out for a few spins and i skid fine :smiley:
and yeh, i am contemplating getting some BRAKES… if i can afford some lol

Breaks are cheap, like Kit Kats.
Also, try skidding with a full load, like with a slab of Victoria’s Best tucked in that there crate.

breaks are free, brakes are cheaper

Actually really like this, looks real comfortable and that crate is all class! Good jerb.

What kind of wheels and tires do you have on this bike? Dimensions and brands? I am currently building something a little simular.

He’s got the tyre size listed above, wheels look like stock deep v’s.

I like it, but I’d have the box on the front, but sounds like youve tried that already.

“Velocity fusion wheelset with 40c Duro tire on the front and 38c CST on the back” as said in description haha
any bigger on the front and it would touch the fork crown, theres like a 1.5 mm gap

and yeh, i had it on the front before and just wanted to see what it was like on the back.
back feels nice, but i haven’t ridden it with anything in it yet so yeh… i’ll give that a go this weekend