Winter Cyclocross Series

Cross is Boss!

Cyclocross returns for 2017! 4 races scheduled for this season. All to be held at St Virgils College, Austins Ferry.

Dates and times as follows:

    • Saturday 8th July - race start 2pm
    • Sunday 30th July - race start 11am
    • Saturday 19th Aug - race start 2pm
    • Saturday 16th Sep - race start 2pm

Racing will be approximately 45-1hour minutes long. The course will be mostly non technical utilising the large St Virgil’s College grounds. Juniors racing will be held 30 minutes before the main racing starts. Rego will be open 45 minutes before race start. You will need an MTBA License or purchase a MTBA day license on the day. Get around some excellent winter racing.

Read more here:

this sunday: event link

Race starts at 11am, with rego from 1015, and a kids ride at 1030.

Sweet as! How long is the kids race?

short, maybe a lap or two… …you keen to join the BnC crew next round JP?

Yeah, i’m definitely keen to come ride with you guys, whether its here or at some mtb trails. We’ve been doing lotsa family hikes and trips and I keep missing things. Would be cool to have something where Ev can have a crack as well!

Was just looking at my CX bike… I’ve not ridden it since my mega crash the week before that 200k thing. Ive straightened the derailleur hanger, but the mech is bent too, and she’s in a bit of a sorry state. Singlespeed sounds pretty appealing :slight_smile: I was thinking a 38:16 might be good? As long as I’m in the ballpark I reckon I can make it work