winter shoe recomendations

Time has come to buy a better pair of shoes. They will rotate with the trusty old dx’s on commute duty’s but also be the go-to shoe for mtb and #bikepacking adventures.

#1 Request is they aren’t too soggy come the end of the day after a wet commute in
#2 They handle HAB.

My feet cook with shoe covers on, and shoes get wet eventually anyway. Also about to invest some guards for the new commuter (it hasnt seen a winter yet)

On the roadie my feet LOVE the giro factors I have, how similar are their mtb shoes in terms of fit?

Does anything spring to mind? or just try em on and go for one with the least padding?

Giro Privateers.

I’ve got the Gauges which I totally rate. my only gripe is their soles are very hard - which is fine on the trails but slippery on wet tarmac and road markings (have almost slipped over while putting a foot down at the lights). The privateer is practically the same shoe with a plastic sole rather than carbon and a softer gum sole. Everyone I know who has them rates em. if you have narrow feet like me they fit (like Sidi) and they do a HV version for people with paddles for feet :wink:

My feet more resemble a hobbit foot than a paddle.


my next shoes will be privateers. When it’s really wet I just use waterproof socks, they rule.

I also have the Factor x Privateer collabo and would recommend. I’ve got a narrow foot (E width on most shoe lasts) and the toebox was a smidge tight for a while but okay now. I sized up 1 from my usual shoe size.

Don’t get the Giro Codes, I got them cheap on ebay 2nd hand, nice and stiff and comfy for me but they’ve got chewed up toe ends with HAB just on gravel roads and such. Similarly the carbon soles on my mavic have been scratched to heck from the brevette but they are shit winter shoes, to venty.

The codes make good commuting shoes, I know way over the top, but very little venting and a well recessed cleat.

Not worried about venting. More not putting on soggy shoes.

Do like the waterproof sock idea.

Sounds like the giros are popular.