Winter wheels and tires

“here” in Melbourne we are having four days of 42 degrees. Sucks ballz

Oh yeh, meant to mention that.

Check your spoke tension after a few weeks with the Velomine wheels. They might need re-tensioning.

Yet, while it does have more overcast days, Melbourne actually receives half Sydney’s average rainfall. Sydney gets more thunderstorms. Melbourne gets more fog.


We get about double what Melbourne gets, roughly in line with Sydney. However, unlike either Melbourne or Sydney, the temperature here never gets above 40 (record is 38), and tends to hit -10 at least once each winter (record is -18).

Anyway, from someone who commutes fixed in the snow on Continental Ultra Sports, the tire matters less than your bike handling does. Slowwwww dowwwwnnnnn (read that in low pitch slow motion voice).

Thanks for mentioning this, I’ll do this with mine after they get here.

How much are Archetypes? Looking to change my wheels too.

Archetypes are 41.

I got my Archetypes from Velo Mine with Paul hubs for $600USD plus shipping $75USD. The packing was perfect from VM, I was worried about them travelling to Australia. (Velo Mine - H Plus Son


Can confirm the packing was great, no issues with mine from Velomine and they are perfectly true out of the box too.

Much better.
Did you need re-tension?

Also, how are finding the new wheel set?

No re-tentioning required. I can now however start to hear the ‘twang’ of what sounds like loosening spokes when dropping back down.

Great. Nice and light. I have an H+Son rear on my other Vig and it weighs a ton. . . Like my Uzi. (Obscure 80’s Public Enemy reference, sorry :p)

Will buy another set for the new Vig Caleido that I’m building. :smiley:


the winter wheel ? what do you think of the wheel. ,it ok for you?