Winter wheels and tires


Yes I know it’s seemingly the middle of summer but I’m looking forward to some winter riding and with that comes wet roads etc.

Looking to change out my (summer) wheels and replace with a set of winter wheels and tires.

Any suggestions or recommendations from the collective wisdom here?


Same wheels plus GP 4 seasons.

Or handbuilt 32H 23mm wide rims to shimano 105 hubs plus the above.


Thanks Blakey. Wheels are Aero spokes and I don’t know how much longer I will stick them out.

Oh, I thought you had proper wheels already.

Sell those. Now.

Thanks, now that the can of worms is open. . . which wheels and from where is recommended?

Sell me a potato for cheap please.

H+Son Archetypes or Mavic Open Pro laced to Phil Wood (expensive) or laced to Formula / Novatec (cheaper).

Velomine sell both.

Cheers JLN, off to spend some funds.

Just ordered some Archetypes from Velomine on Phil Wood hubs, shipped the next day. So keen to get my hands on them, they come well recommended from friends too.

Well, no pissing about here. Jobs done.

Yup ordered 'em moments later. Lets hope that they have better service than Wiggle.

Got the tires on the way as well. I’ll keep the spooks for a ‘little’ while.

Velomine is super awesome!

Why the hell do you need winter tires when you live in Sydney?

I’m impressed with the service from Velomine so far. Open and honest conversation so far.

Maybe ‘winter tires’ was too literal, I’m talking about riding in the rain at 5am through winter which based on my experience with my Continentals Ultra Sports and semi wet roads hasn’t been great so far.

This is me in Sydney. For up to 28mm just get gatorskins. I even started using them with mr tuffy liners cos I hate punctures on my commute, and some of the roads west of the cbd are shithouse. I’m now using some ultracheap zaffiros with the tuffy liners and they’re fine. I leave my fancy fragile tyres for weekend riding on nicer roads.

Thanks Avymtal. Good advice and something I’ll be keeping in mind.

Could not love my 25mm Schwalbe Marathon Plus tires more. Commuted through snow, ice and rain with them and toured on them. No flats. Solid traction. Wouldn’t skid on 'em though.

We barely even get real rain here, let alone snow and ice.

Thanks, I have these on my other bike and they are rock solid.

You have no idea how awesome this is to me. We just got off 3 straight days of rain, about 80 to 100mm.

Note: “here” is Sydney. Melbourne seems to get a lot more rain than Sydney, but someone will probably pull some bullshit stat about Melbourne having more days of sunshine per capita divided by GDP or something. Probably still not as much as Canackastan tho.