Wiring for B&M D'Lumotec Oval Plus?

Have a stop gap light fix until my B&M IQ-X turns up, it’s a B&M D’Lumotec Oval Plus, the LED-Supravision unit.

Trying to work out where I should be connecting the wires from the dynamo to. From what I’ve been told by Terry the guy I borrowed it from the two spade connectors on wires out the back of the unit are apparently for the rear light. The middle section of the light has two double connectors, the one with the screw in the pic is marked as earth and the other as power. Looks like there should be a proprietary plug that slots in to connect the 2 double connectors.

Went looking online for a wiring manual in English, but seem to have struck out. Best I could find is this, but it’s for the older Halogen model.


It doesn’t really matter. The hub is ac, the lights accept ac, so unless you’re using the frame as a ground you don’t really need to worry about polarity. Exceptions for dc supernova and early luxos gremlin setups.

Connect any pair of + and gnd spades on the headlight to the tail light. If for some reason it doesn’t work try the other, failing that just split the wire from the hub but you’ll lose the switch control of the tail.

Geoff I’ve got some B&M wire if you’re in need, just gotta get spade connectors coz the ones attached will be too small for the plugs on your hub

Thanks Zach, I’ll wait til I get home and see what the SONdelux hub box of tricks has in it. I know it had some wire and connectors and I also bought a roll of 3mm coax wire specifically for wiring up the bike.

Those small spades and wire are for the taillight power from the headlight. Just get some larger female auto spades to match the ones already on the light and another pair the same size to go to the hub and use some cheap light gauge speaker wire for this temp setup


Worked on what Terry had said was correct and connected the dynamo to the male double power connectors in the middle of the light. Didn’t work.

Connected the dynamo to the two wires trailing out the back with connectors already attached that Terry said was for the rear lights, and the light lit up.

Has a standlight too, it’s a bit weak but it’s there.

there you go. pretty much impossible to wreck anything with AC and LED lights, you can’t get polarity wrong and you can’t overdrive them like a bare incandescent taillight with no headlight.

The difference between that light and the IQ-X will be night and day.


Word is stock of the IQ-X will be on hand at the end of the month.

Keen to hear reviews of this light once you get it. My old Cyo is dying a slow death, only one standlight LED works at the moment and I figure it’s only a matter of time til the rest go.

Left the GDR on Thursday, landed Tuesday.

I give it two weeks to arrive at my place if AusPost have anything to do with it…

I’ve disassembled Cyos for simple repairs. It’d probably be easy to fix.