Wisemans Ferry Gravel Saturday 6 March 2021

It’s back! The Wisemans Ferry Gravel Grind, new and improved.

The distance has been bumped up tp 114km to crack the century and to include not one but two stops for food and coffee. All the same great Gravel sectors, just a little extra rolling on pleasant roads. I’ve also bumped it down to 67 for a Gravel taster.

It’s on 8:00 am, Saturday 6 March as an Audax.

Register below, and if you are not an Audax member you will need to buy 1 month of membership. As an Audax event, the focus is on self sufficiency and setting your own pace, so be ready to navigate the route, fix any mechanicals and get yourself out of trouble. Some people will be fast, some -including me- will be slow. I think it it would be good to stick with at least one other rider, but there is no obligation to.


The Wisemans Ferry Gravel Grind, first run in 2013 in the rain and famously completed by one rider on 23mm tyres, was nutted out over long days at a quiet front desk at work. I’m sure others worked it out first, and loads have ridden it since, but as the images of Gravel kept popping upon streetview, I knew I was on to something good.

We ride north of the rivers over the ridges all the way to Upper Colo before dropping into the valley and following the rivers home on the south side. The big climbs and unpaved sections are over earlier with the easier, but not easy, sealed sections after.

I’ve always wanted this to be a social ride, now we can stop at Colo Riverside, and optionally Tractor 828 as well. It also means no more filling up at the holiday camp.

I’ve made it an Audax because I think it fits well into the calendar with other Gravel rides hosted by the club and it gives me a way to share my favourite ride with more people.

I haven’t been on FOA much of late and honestly not riding that much either, but I’m really looking forward to this and hope you can make it.


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I would love to come along and be part of the slow crew, but Saturdays still don’t work for me. Also, I’ve been riding very little and that ride could kill me.