wish i was a little bit taller (silver look kg196)

Look KG 196 Carbon Frame Ergostem Ergopost | eBay

i wish i was like six foot nine so i could get with leoshi cause she dont know me but yo shes really fine

^ a I the only one that that makes no sense to?

its a song Aaron.

just for aaron…

Skee-Lo - I wish (Original!!!) - YouTube

Do like a lot!!!

Enjoying song + would buy if was taller

more to the point where can you buy those t’s?

Horatio? Aaron? Is that you?


Using blakey’s patented reverse Google image search geekism

If that URL doesn’t work (it’s like 3 pages long):
Skee-Lo I Wish Rap T Shirt - www.blazintees.com

Nope, just someone who just bought my favourite new t-shirt

I remember that song.