Woden to Symonston/Fyshwick

Hey guys - I’ve moved offices and have started commuting to Symonston - I’ve been going down Hindmarsh Drive but the cycle lane is pretty narrow and traffic is pretty heavy.
I’ve noticed a few dirt tracks that snake around the paddocks after Monaro Highway - is anyone familiar with those? I had a quick look after work yesterday and there seems to be a couple of gates, but not sure if it’s accessible or not.

Currently going from Woden to the lake and then down past Kingston on Canberra Ave as an alternative but I’ve been digging the climb over Red Hill so would love to stick to that. Any suggested routes would be awesome.

I used to ride a track from Narrabundah to Woden.
It starts at the end of a carpark off Gaunt Place. As you’re riding up Hindmarsh towards Red Hill, turn left into Palmer St then the first right. You can ride that track all the way to the top of Goyder St, which is downhill all the way to Jerra Ave.

Let me know if that works for you! It’s all dirt, look out for walkers, and it gets pretty muddy when it rains.

When I lived in Jerrabomberra and worked in Lyons I used to ride up Hindmarsh after a few beers on summer afternoons, not fun.

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Edit: Mouche beat me to it

Sweet, I used to work there and Aeons still does.

There’s rad dirt trails either side of Hindmarsh over Red Hill. South side is Centenary trail from Isaacs Ridge to Mugga, north side starts at Palmer St and goes between Hindmarsh and Neilson/Savery and finishes at Dalrymple.

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I miss riding in Canberra. We were up last weekend and dare I say it I even miss the commute from my parents place in Jerrabomberra to the city, even if I only lived there for a few months.

Luke, go check out the quarry just off Hindmarsh some time too.

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Thanks guys - I’ve ridden that track a few times, the downhill is awesome :slight_smile:

Is there anything further down Hindmarsh from the golf course onwards? Looking at Google Maps, there is a dirt track that runs alongside Hindmarsh from the Jerra Ave intersection onwards that heads towards the velodrome. I’m guessing my main obstacle will be crossing the Monaro Hwy and then Jerra Creek (thats where the gates are). Maybe the lake way is the best option after all?

Looking at Google, that dirt road gets you under the higway, but you still end up on the wrong side of the river. If you continue down, you will probably hit Canberra Avenue and have to cross through the lights there. Leave a bit earlier one morning and have a bit of an explore if you can.

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Yeah I had a look this morning and the river is the end of the line. Only 1 gate and the track is well worn so assume people are using it on the regular. I’m just need to be on the other side somehow :slight_smile:

There’s a track along Matina St (is this the one you’re talking about?) then pop out to Canberra Ave here Google Maps

No, but that could be the missing link I’m after. I’ll suss it out - thanks Adz.