Womens world road champs

Am I alone in thinking that at 140km, the world champs road race is a bit of a slap in the face for pro women? Thats a 3 hour (and change) race to decide the world champion!! Shorter than the under 23 men do, and only 12kms longer than the under 19 ment will do.
Surely the girls should be given something about 3/4 of the mens race, about 200km on this course. These girls probably train about as much as the men, give them some time for the race to develop! The longer the event, the closer women generally come to matching performances by men (see the ironman world bests, marathon world records and hour records on the track for cycling, all less than 10% slower than the men), and the world road champs shouldn’t force the strongest girls in the world to ride a long crit rather than a tough and epic grind.

yeah, that’s bollocks alright. are the women being shown on SBS like the men?


answered my own question. women on sbs2, men on sbs1.

UCI ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS 2011 Melbourne TV Guide for SBS Two (Channel 32)

UCI Road World Championships 2011

Looks like it’ll be a late night Sunday night!

Assuming I can stay awake after racing 'cross that day…

Does anyone know if they are telecasting - or streaming the mens and women’s time trial. If so, anyone know what times - i assume from about 11pm tomorrow?

Women’s TT is tonight live streaming from 10pm. I’d assume they’ll be streaming the dudes too. Last night I saw a bit of the U23, and at full screen on my f-off big imac it was great quality. Technology impresses me every day.

Thanks, watching now

Fabian: dethroned!

der panzer!

yeah, the stream was awesome for the TT.