Wood rims - For realz

These seem pretty special.
Almarc Wood Rims 32H Made IN Italy 80’S Track Pista | eBay

Very nice and a good seller to deal with.

The seller’s a douchebag … just ask Mrs. Spirito :wink:

Tricky thing with these is getting a perspective for how they look once built up. Here’s a set on an older Frejus from the 60’s.
I’d marry them with all black tyres so they’re a little more subtle (until you look closely) … but that’s up to taste, preference and is just subjective.

Very very nice…

Haha I didn’t think it was my place to say who it was.

How’s the braking surface hold up when descending in the wet?

… well, they are Carbon :wink:

maybe I should call them Eco rims, enviro sustainable nobr akes rims for NJS walker greenie-lefty’s who wish to combat Global Warning

Tell him he’s dreamin! :stuck_out_tongue:

Lolz !!

rims made of jousting sticks?

You could make an offer. As if he’s going to knock back a nice bottle of red and a truffle.