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So as some of the Bris crew are aware I’m a computer nerd by day. My research at the moment is into automatic concept map generation. By this stage you’re scratching your head asking WTF does this have to do with fixed gear? Stay with me here… so some of the software we use allows us to plug in key terms and collect hits from popular search engines. These pages are then combined and key terms mentioned in them are collected and organised. We run our algorithms over them to try to organise them in a meaningful way. I was bored today so thought I’d run “fixed gear bicycle” into it to see what it came up with:

Proximity implies a connection/relation so I guess this might settle the raging debate over whether brakes are better? Actually I highly doubt it…

i like the colours

I love how ‘portland’ and 'better are both in there :slight_smile:

Put ‘’ in there and see what happens!

Well turns out is actually not that interesting :-(. Given that this technique only uses the top 50 hits from a search engine when you enter a keyword (in this case it tends to only return posts that have been linked externally. If I was to grab lots of data from the actual forum I would expect topics such as “Potato” to appear.

pretty venn diagrams :slight_smile:
i liked portland too :!: