Workhorses' Current Incarnation

Did some bike stuff this weekend so I thought I’d pop up my trusty work steed.

Frame : Fuji Track 2009 58cm
Fork : stock
Headset: stock
Stem: stock but turned upside down
Bars: Some black bars with a slight rise I scavenged off some mongoose
Brakes: Some roadie brakes i got cheap off ebay, running with mtb pads facing backwards
Brake lever: Tektro BMX lever. Great for an easy change of the bars
Bottle holder: Some fancy lookin plastic thing I got from the LBS For $14.95 when mine broke. Rattles a bit when the bottle is full but does the trick and it more aerodynamic or some crap?
Crankset: SRAM Omniums or the next cheapest one down from the omniums. Sweet cranks though 130 BCD is a bit inconveient atleast they are black and not grey. I usually destroy cranks in a couple of months. These are goin strong after 5 months so I love ‘em
Chainring: Cycle underground ring design one black anodised 46T
Chain: Izumi 1/8th
Cog: Surly 17T
Chainstay protector: Inner tube wrapped around with leccy tape outer shell reinforcerment
Tensioner: Surly Tuggnut on the drive side, mostly because of the bottle opener
Pedals: Time atac
Grips: Black ourys. First set of ourys. Keyboard ones were nice enough if a bit thin and wore out in a couple of months.
Front wheel: radially spoked mavic22 a mate gave me off his old roadie
Front tyre: $16 vittoria rubino off wiggle runnin at 150 psi. Very tight and only 1 big glass puncture
Rear wheel: Machined deep V I took a some black rattle can to. Doesn’t look as cool as the old black and white B43 but much more reliable and light.

Rear tyre: Gatorskin. Last for ages if a bit sticky. No puncture flats yet.
Seatpost: some cheaper thompson ripoff with the tapered tubing I got after snapping a seatpost in the valley one morning. The microadjust thing is kinda annoying
Saddle: Bioflex GT from wiggle for like $20. Being going strong for 6 months and comfy like your mums face :smiley:
Lock: $14.95 basta springy lock that works as a mere deterent. Thinking about painting it pink like a pigs’ tail.
Paint job: Stock plus whatever stickers I can lay my hands on

What pump are you maintaining 150psi with? I’m looking for one.

Just a Joe Blow Sport. It’s a year or so old now and it’s almost karked it a couple of times.

But someone was telling me track pumps only have a life of about 12 months if you’re using them all the time.

Thanks mate. Good to know the sport can get to 150. I’ve got a white 2010 fuji track and love it. Nice to see one with a few different parts on it so I know what fits as well.

I think its fucking hideous.

im really not a fan of what you have done to that rear wheel

i think its an ugly bike too. BUT the rear wheel would like funny while it was spinning.

I sold him that rear wheel 2 weeks ago! I kept it so clean and straight and polished it before I went to bed each night.
He paid for it = his wheel! Do what the funk you want to it.

Glad it’s working out for you TF :mrgreen:

haha wow that wheel… looked nice chrome and red!
ghetto spray paint job?

and you should chop them bars down, they look big

At least no one will want to steal it.

I think it is too colorful…
i would like to keep it simple, also in color, for my fixie

point being?

why would you sacrifice practicality for aesthetics? you do know your bar width should be correct to your shoulder width right?

personal preference i guess. i like the quick snappy feel of small bars.
plus the hipster deluxe special hahaha


That’s mostly the point really. I don’t enjoy the crushing blow of having a bike I’ve gotten just right for me pinched. As happened with my first courier bike which I had just pimped perfectly. So ugly work steeds have been my motto since.

I wasn’t sure about the paint job on the new rear wheel. Was trying a similar ghetto technique on that I used on the black and white b43. I asked a couple of people I ran into and they liked it so I decided to keep it. There was speak of using it like a roulette/cheese wheel at an alley cat.

People will more often complement things to your face I think.
A bit of negative response is good. Nice to have people hatin the look.
Means I have to lock the bike up less :smiley:
I figure it can take up to a minute or two to lock and unlock a bike each time you do a drop. I can do a job in 5 minutes it improves efficiency by 2/5ths and therefore more cash for me :smiley:

Bars are the right length for my shoulders and I guess I’m a big dude.
These are my first set of ourys’ though and I reckon they’re too stubby. Though I do enjoy the circumference. Thinking about wrappen some bar tape along the bars to the stem for extra grabby space.

i will say it is not the prittiest bike on the road but if it rides nice thats what counts and i like the rear wheel would look sweet rollin down the road

i think it’s rad, DIY all the way.

i also think it’s pretty funny when hipsters spend a heap of money trying to emulate some sort of messenger/fakenger look, when the real messengers are ten steps ahead in what actually works on the street.

i’m all for the cutting edge technology of leccy tape and rattle cans.

I see a lot of messengers with very nice track bikes and road bikes so im not sure what your basing that on.