Working on my spin....

Got a story from riding home last night.

Most nights I ride thought the yarra boulevard (hill reps…blah blah). A couple times I have seen a group of roadies massing near the bridge that crosses over the road. I have just ridden straight past in the past. Last night I thought I would tag along and see what happens (I knew a couple guys in the group).

So there I was, mixing if up on my $200 fixie (sans brakes) with hardcore roadies. I have know idea where we went, but there were a shit load of hills. Going up was not the issue it was going down. I have taken on a couple steep hills in the past but never at 60-70km/hr on a 80inch gear. Trying to keep a wheel on the downhills, I let it run a couple times. All I could think was “keep it smooth or this is going to hurt…lots”. There was no way I was going to be able to stop, I was along for the ride.

Got lots of comments as well. “How do you stop”. " Your nuts". “You have bigger balls than me”. “Shoudnt you be a DISC?”.

Will I do it again? Maybe.


did that with some mates out towards king lake a couple of weeks ago, only on a 76 inch gear.

By my guessing I got the revs up to about 160 - 170!!

Keep it smooth is what you think.

And of course it is fun… until you come off

The Tour de Suburbs.

Tour of the Suburbs
Starting at 6:30pm from SBR on Punt Rd, St Kilda, this ride winds its way towards Doncaster via The Boulevard and suburban streets, before looping round to the finish in Fairfield at around 8:30.
This ride is a perfect road race training because it incorporates 4 short and sharp climbs including the infamous ‘Col de Burgundy Street’ in Heidelburg.
There are agreed ‘regroup’ points at the top of all climbs to ensure everyone can particpate in the fast and furious finish sprint to Red Rooster on Heidelburg Road, Fairfield

Sorry Tristan but I have to agree with the roadies, ‘you are fucking nuts’. How were you planning to stop in an emergency?

Tristan can stop?

Super cow powers!

Ahh!! Those powers. And to think I married a Super Cow :shock:

Have you not informed her of the N+1 rule of bike ownership?

My current system is to have all my bikes around about the same colour, she works off ammount, not models. And also store them at other peoples houses.

tristan cares not for stopping?

Are you still going fixed for the next 24 hour???/


I’ll be there, I’ll be fixed, I’ll be shit.

I got told this morning I got up to 80+km/hr. Scary.

Just put some off-road tyres on the 'dale Johnny! Then you’ll be less shit. :wink: