World Car Free Day? Sep 22nd

Don’t seem to see it happening in Melb (Or other cities in Aus) though…

Edit: They have something in North Fitzroy…

Maybe we could do something ourselves?

green bag activism.

Lots of us do something, most days.

Yeah my car free day is everyday as well. Token gestures annoy me because I think in a lot of ways they make people think that all they have to do is x for one day and they will save the world. IMHO it takes positive role models to affect long term change. My experience was that I came from a white bread, 5 car to 4 person, meat for every meal family in the burbs and it was only through a couple of mates at uni that I changed my outlook. Environmentalism just for the sake of helping the planet is doomed to failure, instead when talking about changes I’ve made I focus on tangible day-to-day positives:

Cycling - keeps me fit, saves me money, also saves me time as it is faster to commute to my work by bike than any other means of transport (also of course it is shitloads of fun as well :-D).
Green bags (the classic one :lol:) - I find them easier to carry than regular bags, and they stop things from getting squashed, and fit in my bike trailer better, so therefore I use them.
Veganism - makes me feel energetic, has helped me lose excess weight, saves me money and has helped me manage some of my pre-existing medical conditions.

I’ve managed to convince 5 people in as many months at my office to ride to work instead of driving their cars. Just using the positive benefits described and dispelling some of their concerns about it. In my mind this is a far better way to go about affecting long term change than a token “earth hour”, “car free day”. That said, a ride to work day is a great way to get people to commit to starting a long term change, without it, it is far too easy for them to keep going “oh I’ll start next week”.

“I’ll stop driving my car when petrol is $X.XX.9/litre”

Ditto, need a lot of people to get on board for just 1 day to make any kind of comparable effect as my 250+ car free days a year.

That said, it seems lots of people need a push to get started, significant numbers of first timer ride to work day people continue riding after their first try.

Another self righteous hippie. :roll: :roll:


:lol: I actually disassociate myself from stereotypical vegans. Just because I don’t eat meat and dairy doesn’t mean that I want to start doing yoga, wear hemp and stop showering. Although I tried yoga a few years back and it did do wonders for my flexibility :wink:.

Mrs Ant and I once rocked up to a vego love-in for a music clip by some West End hippie. We tried to troll it with signs that said “I <3 hydrolyzed vegetable protein”. Needless to say our signs were blurred out in the final cut so that only the love heart wasn’t obscured :-(.

i don’t care about what kind of vegan you are, or even your motivations for being vegan. i just care about the 96 animal lives you save every year.

even heatseeker himself, by indulging in his newfound love for lord of the fries, is doing his bit…

Hey, just because I tried it once when I was drunk doesn’t mean I love it or I’ll do it again.

Hmmm, this is starting to sound like a TextFromLastNight. :expressionless:

fixed that for you

I just want to set the record straight here so nobody gets confused. . . .

. . . . . . . I love steak.

… do you love colon cancer? :stuck_out_tongue:

You’ve lost me. Does 97.6% of the worlds population die of colon cancer because we eat a varied diet includine meat?

Wow, who would of thought. Don’t even get me started on Soy processing.

This thread is making me hungry.

Even the colon cancer kinda looks like haggis. Beer glasses maybe

Ride to work day is on soon too. Hug a supercommuter!

that might need a bit of sauce, no? :wink:

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Well, they’re people too, right? :wink:

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I’ll make sure the Netti gets a good wash :wink: .

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