World Class Track thread

Figured it was worth starting a thread to discuss track racing at the elite level that isn’t in the world tour road thread.

Anyway, junior championships are on at the moment and I’ve seen a few results here and there. Looks like Australia is having a blinders. Gold in the team pursuit and keirin. No video on the UCI youtube channel unfortunately but I’m sure there would be some around the internet.

I couldn’t turn up any footage either. If anybody has a link, please share.

Kind of unrelated, but YouTube does have the latest Revolution event in its entirety, which is pretty cool. Yet to get time to have a proper watch though.

But yeah, back on topic, is definitely cool to see photos on Instagram etc. of faces that you regularly see down at the track, complete with gold medals and rainbow stripes. Not sure about the bleached hair though :stuck_out_tongue:


Link? Could not find.

Yeah link please… I was searching this morning and could only get a few mins of the Cav/ Wiggo maddison and the slowest lap.

Soz just realised it was uploaded in Feb, meaning it’s obviously not the most recent event.

Here it is anyway

Still worth watching just for the ridiculous bikes.

True that.

Finally got a chance to watch some of this. The chick who won the ladies derny race absolutely dominated. Very impressive. Man how fun would it be to race behind the derny.

Elite men 60 lap scratch (starts at about 1hr in) was really entertaining too. Heaps of attacks going off the front, multiple guys taking laps, then O’Shea giving Bobridge the perfect lead out for the win. So good!

Apologies for the thread hijack…maybe we could rename it the UCI/Revolution/Other thread or something? A place to post links and talk shit about people who are way faster than us, kinda like the World Tour thread in the Road section.

Good idea.

Also, I liked the Madison. Has me excited to race some over summer (pending finding a new partner).

does that work?

Nice one, thanks Rolly.


Kit’s been training hard, waiting for the call up.

Here’s a good blast from the past

The bikes and outfits were so much cooler back then haha. Top viewing.

Nice find. Yes to the turtle helmet at 1:30

Haha yes, it is utterly terrifying. The same guy’s YouTube account also has a clip with shaky handheld footage of McGrory and Aitken’s Sydney madison ride. Bloody awesome.

Here’s the YouTube link for the Revolution event I had confused with an earlier one.

Good watching so far.

Just watching the track worlds in NZ and noticed them picking their random sprint grid on an iPad. First the electric derny, now this… yeah it’s no big deal, but I don’t like it.

I have nothing to back this opinion.

Cracking good Madison this evening.

Was cheering pretty hard for the vis kids taking that first lap. Other highlights being edmo displaying how fast she is compared to everyone else in the Madison, Perkins’s ride in the Keirin and the arena not being stupidly hot.