World Vegan day 1st Nov

Well how the fuck did I miss it??

Saw a flyer today outside the local butcher.

Was there really “Vegan Speed Dating”?

World vegan day hey.

Does that mean we all get to eat a vegan??


it was quite good,
except by the timei got there all the good food was gone.
didn’t do the speed dating, don’t think my wife would aprove.
got told that nutlex isn’t vegan
bought some rad chocolate.
all in all it was a good day.

Sounds AMAZING!!!

How so?

most marg’s are fortified with vitamin d, the usual source being from lanolin. the source doesn’t have to be specified on packaging, so its easy to assume that any marg with vitamin d in it isn’t vegan, however a few (nuttlex being one) use a plant source for it, so its all ok

Nuttelex’s main ingredient is sunflower oil but it does also contain a small amount of palm oil. (apparently) but its not on the ingredients list.

the girl i asked there was preachy and rude when my wife enquired about it saying

“there’s less than 1% palm oil but its in there so you are condoning deforestation”

as i said its not on the ingredients who knows.

I guess that depends on how well the vegan speed dating goes?

i did vegan speed dating last year.

i didn’t go this year.

the two things are related.

It’s this sort of self righteous attitude that makes me sick.

There’s your first mistake!

Just like those Aus. Conservation Foundation hustlers on the CBD street corners- if you give them any hesitation, they’ll give a lengthy nauseating verbal diatribe…

I went. If there is one thing that makes me hate being vegan/veganism, it’s the type of kooks who show up at these things. I wasted a hour of my life and I’m never getting it back.

This is not directed at you Erle.

I fully applaude your lifestyle choice and I’m honestly proud to have so many friends that make a difference. What I do hate is people preaching to me that they are better than me or more open minded because of my lifestyle choices.

Look, I don’t think chicken fillets at KFC come out of a box from a factory. I am not detached from the reality of things.

I grew up on a farm and have slaughtered animals with my bare hands, some that I hand rared and had an emotional connection with and I can tell you it’s not nice. This is how my family survive though and one beast can last them for nearly 12 months. It’s really not something that’s nice to do but I can tell you the animals that are on my parents farm are all free range, roaming good pasture and cared for like part of the family.

So just because I choose to eat a balanced diet including meat and dairy products don’t talk to me like I’m an idiot.

This thread will be locked quickly if it turns into another shit fight.

I grew up on a farm and have slaughtered animals with my bare hands,

Hey i found a photo!!

Ok, I forgot the bit about having a big fucking knife but I thought that might scare the kids.

i think we’re all in the same boat there.

No offense taken. If you had overheard some of the conversations on the day, you would have been reaching for that knife.

I know a lot of amazing vegan people but I also know some vegan people who secretly hate me because of the way I live my life, because I haven’t saved the lives of 86 innocent animals per year.

I don’t think you’d find many omnivores that are so passionate about their lifestyle that they hate you for choosing to live off tofu and mung beans.

I do enjoy those Vegan chips though- you know the ones made from Tapioca flour and cooking in vegetable oil? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

A lot of Tapiocas died for your pleasure.