worlds fanciest poop • Vis emne - DIY: Pimpino disc 29er touring racer

Tooooo muuuuch efffoooooort… Not what the pomp mentality is all about, maaan! It’s all about the zen. All about the simplicity of the frame and the “no frills” way of life, know what I’m sayin’?!


Obscure fixie forums in Germany are weird.

dk =/= de

Denmark, Germany, I stand by what I said.


I reckon it’s kinda sweet and someone probably had a lot of fun tinkering.

Touring maskine!

nar, jp special or gtfo

why not of just got the pompetimine.

or anything else.

In this case fancy =/= good.

Look at the BB height horatio!

with the wheel all the way back past the end of the track ends you can get a bigger tire in there. the pomp(ino/etamine) only fits a 35c comfortably otherwise.
in this case i’d take this option though:

misread this as “world’s fanciest poop”.

pretty disappointed, blakey.

i dunno the word “poop” is also applicable in this situation ;p

One of our mates has a Pompetamine with 26 inch wheels and it can take 2 inch tyres. He rode it at Melburn Roobaix.

First google image search response for “world’s fanciest poop”.

The joy of discs and the versatility of Pompetamines.
26 inch, 650b or 700c, they all fit.