worlds first tripple back flip on a bmx

this guy has no fear crazy

YouTube - ‪World First BMX Triple Backflip - Jed Mildon May 28, 2011‬‏

But does he have knuckle tatts?

yeah i think he has “back-flip” haha

Wow !!!

Just fvcking wow !!!

Yeah that is mental, the footage coming down that narrow roll-in was wild too.

This is the first thing to do with Unit Clothing that has not made me hate it haha.

yeah going down the roll in would be scary enough haha speaking about unit clothing its all you see when i go visit my home town on the central coast nsw that and fox haha

holy fucken hell!

my stomach did a triple backflip just watching it!!!

what a fucking lunatic :slight_smile:

“Action Sports” haha.

This ain’t even bmx, so far from it.
The guy who is trying the triple front flip:
Andy Buckworth On The Triple Frontflip: “I Know What I Need To Do”. | The Come Up / BMX

Holy shit.

Just showed my nephew this today as well as the urban downhill, he was straight out the back stacking it.

Good lad :wink:

i dont remember skaters saying the same thing to danny way or tony hawk. innovation doesnt always have to look good at first, give it a couple of years my fine feathered friend and it (or a variation) will be in all the big air contests.

He should of done it on an NJS Yama with drop bars. Then i would be impressed.

Less the aesthetic pleasure of the trick that I was remarking on and more the single minded purpose to complete one extra rotation and have your environment completely catered for you to achieve that rotation takes away from the freedom that made me start riding bmx and why most riders started. But I know you’re right and in 3 years everyone will be doing corkscrew 720’s and airtraffic controllers.

The Neu-flip. Now that’s a crazy trick.


Should I assume you haven’t seen this?


Just saw this on the Spoke Magazine blog. Totally amazing!