would anyone in melbourbe be able to help a sydney knd out??

hey so i am looking at getting a bike off ebay but the who is selling it has it foe pickup only.
i have sent him some emails about him sending it up to sydney but has not gotten back with my last two emails.
so i just wanna know if someone would be able to pick it up and send it to me pick up if from Mentone.
thanks brad

ps i dont know how to spell as it is kid not knd

are you saying the bike is located in Mentone?

yes the bike is located in Mentone

That’s pretty much closer to Sydney than Melbourne.

when’s this auction ending? might be able to help out, even though i’m deeply suspicious of edgers

For what reasons ?! haha

the obvious ones!

the auction ended yesterday and the guy who i win it off is happy to send it up to sydney for me. so it is all good now.