Woundup or Enve 2.0?

OK so i think I want a new road fork for my Lynskey, I’m not in love with the EC90 SL that’s on there, the front end feels a bit twitchy with it and I think I want less rake to slow it down a bit (EC90SL is 43mm, the other two come in 40mm) and a beefier feel. Also can’t fit 28’s in the Eastons and I might want to.

Are the ENVE’s as good as the hype? Are Woundups really awesome riding? Any FOA got a view based on knowledge?

I don’t give a fuck about weight, I want sturdiness and if I want to save 200grams I’ll cut my hair.

wound ups are ugly. that’s all i can say about them.

the reason you dislike your eastons is because easton make horrible products. i’ve ridden those forks quite a bit and they make anything feel bad, i’m not sure it has anything to do with trail though. put your bike upside down, pull the front wheel and then grab a fork leg in each hand. move them backwards and forwards. the few that i’ve had the displeasure with dealing with actually let me do this, which they really shouldn’t.

but yeah, the enves are good forks, so are 3t.

Enve >>> wound up

How many hands do you have Asher???

‘remove the front wheel’

Cheers oh knowledgeable ones. Previous EC90SL (from 6-7 years ago) were OK, these new ones are different. Don from Lynskey recommended Enve 2.0 but I already owned the Eastons so gave them a run for the sake of experiment. Shall look into 3Ts as well as Enves.

Only ridden on Enve Cross forks but they seemed like a bloody nice ride.

Never ridden Woundups but I cant understand why you’d choose a bonded carb/alu fork over a straight carbon monocoque one.
my 2c

I’m running an Enve 2.0 on Baum #1 and a 3T Funda Pro on Baum #2.
Both will clear a Grand Bois 26C on a HED Belgium, the Enve has a little more clearance.
Obviously neither has fender mounts & the Enve should clear a 28C.
Can check this out if you want this confirmed.

I think the Enve has a cleaner line but the Funda would suit a bike with J stays like my Merida had.

Enve fork looks about 100000% better than a woundup if that makes any difference?

Just gonna go ahead and say Woundup forks look super boss and are in general much cooler than Enve so there I said it.


Squid has a WoundUp on his lugged tarck - looks good.

Are Whiskey forks an option?

I don’t trust forks held together by glue.
They look good on gt track bikes but that’s about it IMHO

I’d go Enve

wound up is old technology.

go enve.


If you get Wound Up I am going to be forced to alert the appropriate authorities.

Enve are all triangles

Double double

I like the look of both but would lean towards Enve

After purchasing the Enve fork, you should also buy the dorky Enve wheel bag