wow Van Werkhoven Steel reynolds 653 road bike

looks the goods for that taller sized person

Van Werkhoven Steel reynolds 653 road bike shimano 600 (eBay item 150578197965 end time 22-Mar-11 17:00:25 AEDST) : Sport

Boom! 2 Van Werkhoven’s on ebay within a week. Thats gotta be a record.

taller sized person…? peeps gotta reckonize what a tall person is!
unless it’s over 60cm don’t get us excited

sorry im asian anything above 56 is HUGE!

lol :smiley:
it certainly is a nice frame though.
i’m now convinced my van Werkhoven has the worst paintjob he ever produced…

Bidding is less than what I expected for 4 hours to go, someone could possibly snap a bargain.

Someone might not be getting their child support cheque this month…

guess you must have a little spending money to blow?

If you mean the money raised on Sunday, then let me be clear that there is no fucking way I would spend that on a bike.

I think that’d be a really low thing to do.

I pointed this out to a friend and he grabbed it. I think it’s a bargain but I’ll wait to see it in the flesh.

I think it’d be kinda funny actually !!!

What’s the diff if you spent the money on pizza and beer to make you happy and pass the time time while you heal. In the same, you could spend it on a bike to make you happy and provide motivation to get up and riding again. Got something to show for it too :wink:

I don’t know anything about Ryan’s financial situation but i think the idea of the money raised was to go toward any medical bills he might have.

luckily i was joking… as if you’d ever buy a bike with gears


Whoah, I recognize that house.

Never say never, although grudgingly, our friend may need to ride with gears at least for a little while and it will actually aid in his recovery…

truth hurts

It really does. But yeah, coffee’s on the money. I’m going to get onto a SS or road bike for the first few months. Don’t think busting whip skids on a healing hip is a great idea. And I know you were joking Tom! Just want to nub out any possibility of something like that becoming a rumor.

James is right, I intend on using the money raised to help pay for the physio I’m going to be doing. Apparently that shit is kind of expensive.

And lsr, please thank your friend for outbidding me with 9 seconds to go on the auction. Stoked.

hookers ‘n’ blow on the other hand…

I’d highly recommend gears, as well as being able to coast and use brakes you’ll be able to vary the resistance to suit… Low gears to spin and high gears to get the strength back…