In the bike lockup at work today - some bloke says ‘So you’re the track bike riding fuckwit!’ the tolerence warms the penis and brings a rosey glow to the cheeks!

yeah, feel the love.
actually the love can best be felt whilst wielding a 2x4.

i do hope the stabbed him the eye with a fork. :evil:

Show what he knows! The Langster isn’t really a Track bike!

still shoulda stabbed him, man.

perhaps you could repay him by sticking some streamers on his handlebars and pernahps a flag on his sissy seat…
or there are more sisnister ways to repay the compliment, do you have some cable cutters?

I’m interested how the rest of the conversation went…

Please fill in

Wouldn’t have been at QUT? Some dick in the lockup the other day told me I was risking my life riding in the traffic. Der Fred … , I was a bit puzzled as to what the f* he was talking about. … I’d indicated and crossed a couple of lanes, whereas he’d pulled off the road to cross at the ped X-ing. He was on a Trek Madone with corporate gear, so I suppose he was an expert.

I just gave him a solid ‘eye rolling’ and waited until he was ready to leave and followed him with his U.S Postal Everything. We left the cage at the same time and went in the same direction. I caught up with a ‘Commuting Buddy’ I’d not seen for a few months at Wheelers High(the top of the big hill on Wynnum Rd where the Servo and the Sub Station are) and was talking on the side of the road for about 5 mins and he puffed by us, mumbling some shit about me being a showoff.

Turns out he’s a cyclosnob. Slags off everyone how doesn’t Cafe race and is just a wanker. Says Messengers are a pox, mountain bikers are environmental terrorists and cheap/fixed gear bikes are the devils work.

I laughed out loud for a long time and was giggling about it not but 20 mins ago because this morning in the cage he had the King of the Mountains Jersey hanging over his 'bars.

Put a ‘One More Cock’ sticker on his fancy road bike :slight_smile:

Meh - screw him! If he can’t keep up with me he has mondo problems.

I have to say though, my biggest pet hate, as petty as it is. Team Wankers! With the Team: helmet, shirt, knicks, socks, gloves, sun glasses, bike, bottle, shoes, window sticker etc etc. I know that I should be bothered by it, however…

certainly doesnt have the team legs by the sounds of things

We had a laugh on Saturday about a guy done up in complete Predictor Lotto gear, with a Ridley. I think he even had the team helmet and shoes?

thing that pisses me off more than the guy who bought the full team kit is the fuck head sales guy who sold it to him.
there are a couple of shops here in brisbane that you can tell when people buy from them.
they leave the store with a slightly stunned expression, a bike that cost way more than they were expecting to spend, and a bag full of team gear that they didn’t need.
pisses me off.
of course if the range rover owning muppet wants to purchase the whole nine yards, caveat empor.
on the plus side i don’t really have to worry about it where i work since we don’t carry any team jerseys, just a basic range of netti ride gear. does us just fine.

I love the commuters in the team kits that are worth more than their bike.

So do I, I think they’re f*cking fantastic, and the ones on $10K bikes too, mainly because they’ve left the even more expensive car in the garage. Any rider is a good rider, compared to a driver.

he may have been a team rider - aren’t they are all here for some ride or something :wink:

I saw a guy in princes hill today in complete Credit Agricole team kit - including the Look bike… he looked like a pro, dunno who he was tho.

Robbie McEwen’s lover was definitely not a pro - his hairy tarantula legs gave that away.

HHAHA!! Ahh… it’s great to be back :slight_smile:

I live near a fairly popular sort of roadie area (Williamstown VIC) and when I ride to work, almost ALL of the roadies have full team kit and often matching it to their bike, I always thought that they bought a mega expensive bike, and they got the matching kit for free? And I would say none are actually sponsored judging by the speeds they ride.

On the other hand I have a Panasonic Raleigh Wool Jersey and matching hat, and my bike is a Raleigh :stuck_out_tongue: