WTB 48-52cm roadie

Keen to find a bike to suit a friend coming from overseas. They’re 160cm tall but apparently riding a 56cm at home. Droz has been helping me find some but they’ve slipped through my fingers.

Looking to spend $200-350 for a complete in sydney

I’ve got an early 90s Cannondale with a carbon fork. Frame/fork only cos I sold the groupset to spiz… It’s in good nick but with the usual paint chips etc. Yours for $120.

Edit: it’s about 50cm…

A few of these lately on ‘buy/sell road bikes Victoria’ (FB)

Did remember yours Jono - same with Ev’s but that’s sold. Would still need to get a gruppo, bars etc…

Swuz - probably should’ve added “in sydney” to the title…

Yeah, figures. Typically, no-one wanted it what I was selling it complete.

if I can find a 10speed shimano set of shifters and derailleurs, I’ve got cranks and brakes

I can throw in some bars. It has stem/seatpost. We’re halfway there!

I’ve got a set of bars that can be used and a saddle… This is looking doable

What are you missing?

Shopping list for a build instead of complete:

  • shifters
  • derailleurs
  • wheels


  • chain
  • tape
  • cables & outers
  • cassette
  • BB unless HM’s frame has the right shimano one

I’ll FB you some stuff, might be suitable, might not be.

ill have a cell victor in a 48cm soon, and possibly an ultegra 6600 group with it.

just in case any of the above FOAers fall through

dan, frame and wheels probably wont be worth posting but ive pretty much got a complete 6600 group in good nick.

or even if you just need shifters/rd/fd

PM if keen mate.