WTBorrow- Seat pack and frame bag for this weekend

Hi legends,

Going riding Fri/Sat/Sun and was gonna take a backpack but I’ve got a shoulder niggle and old mate Mik Dee reckons borrow a seat bag/pack/outside adventure booster pack would be spot on. A frame bag could also be useful but less necessary. If anyone can help me get something by Thursday night that’d be tops. I’m in Abbotsford and obviously happy to head your way to collect. Happy to fling cash, beers, beens etc your way in gratitude.

Thanks team✌️

Hit up NikCee, I don’t think he’ll be using his for a while.

I can send you up a viscacha and tangle if its not looking good by the end of today, it would be express post tmrw, and I think even with the water between us, its still a next day deal so should be right.

Yeah mate got everything you need. Come get em whenevs
Have Frame/seatpost/handlebar bags, take your pick

Me too

NikCee is all about #backpacking though

you know it

What happened to niklord

Thanks FoA legends. Old mate iamsimon has me sorted. Poor Nik Cee dun hurt his elbow.

Just borrow my rack bike mate,
Actually doesn’t every one northside have a Beardo bike?

this is what happens to luddites…

but yeah… i have some of the supplies you would have required and no ability to use them until late march (apparently). FME.