wtf are these ads?

Lieber Fixers,

As you have probably noticed, three new boxes have appeared at the top of this forum, proclaiming to be advertising space. Last time I tried this (/forums/index.php/topic,1173.0.html), we started going places, but then were banned from Adsense - bummer!

Nevertheless, I have come up with a new scheme, by running our very own ad server - Meaning Google doesn’t get a cut, and local businesses can advertise directly. As always, these funds (every penny) go back into the site for events or other things… Such as floating a tshirt (/fixedtee.jpg) idea I’ve been thinking about. I’d also like to move this site onto another server :slight_smile:

You can read about my proposed pricing scheme on the about page (/about#advertise).

I am genuinly hoping this can be cheap and useful for small businesses and individuals to get their stuff visible, as well as keep those funds in the community. As I stressed on the ‘about page’ - The space for sale is only for relevant advertising - Anything questionable we can discuss here and make a decision on.

If you guys have any comments or concerns, please voice them here.


p.s Happy New Year! :slight_smile:

That T shirt looks hot!


goddamn, i want that t-shirt NOW!!!
sell me the damn shirt, don’t make me come find you…

ok, adsense is back. please don’t click on the ads unless you are genuinly interested in something.

as always, im not profiteering, just trying to do cool stuff. on the topic of bikes.

you can always install an ad block if it really pisses you off.