WTF are these cranks?!

That Shit be wack.

Gypsy, these are the original Sweet Wings crankset designed by Kent Carlson, and they are far from whack.

These cranks were very ahead of their time and featured outboard bearings when the rest of the bicycle industry was using square taper (Shimano basically stole this design years later…). Also the crankset weighed an amazing 520 grams which is very impressive considering it was made of steel. Even carbon cranksets today weigh more than this. I believe the crank stiffness is even better than Dura Ace 7900…

Have a read here:

I’d love to try out a set!

EE Cycleworks have extended this design today and is coming out with their own EE Crankset which looks pretty impressive:

you learn something new everyday :wink:

If you do some research on Speedplay the guy is an absolute revolutionary when it comes to cycling gear. Interesting story.

Speedplay pedals FTW.