WTF is with the NAB Cup?

I know most people on here don’t care much for the AFL but I’m in Canada and have no idea what the fuck is going on with our game, it looks like a bloody shambles.

Opinions please, is it bad or good with all the extravigant rule changes?

WTF is the NAB cup?

according to the radio and 6pm news, the pre-season ‘warm up premiership’ for teams to play in. Apart from that NFI. I follow NRL, which seems to be against the grain here in Wait Ages.

i tried watching some last night. meh. until the season proper, it’s just warm up matches.


Being a native Farmers Union drinking, crow eating, good driving South Australian, these responses are the same responses I seem to get in this drawkcab Brisbane town.

NAB Cup always has changed rule (eg 9 points for a goal from 50 etc)
Here are the new rules etc (NAB Cup rules guide - Official AFL Website of the Melbourne Football Club)

Also, the game as AFL has been loosing it’s shape for years now, as most teams just put 18 ruck rovers/centers on and they run 50ks a game and all positions are lost! There’s nothing that can change it nor, should rules like substitute caps or offsides come into play.

PS does anyone remember the days when Tony Modra played for Adelaide and everyone had a number 6?

Ever thought about setting cryptic crosswords?

Go Dons!!
That said, I’m not a big fan of the game anymore. But I do care if Essendon are going well.

And people say this forum is too Melbourne biased.

So it has been changing over time but nothing can change it? Not sure if I agree with what you are saying - definitely more of a running game now, but with the substitute rule there should be a resurgence of teams playing 1 traditional ruckman with a part time backup, as opposed to 2 rucks sharing the load, which I think is a good thing. And the rotation cap should take away from the 18 ruck rovers running 50km per game (which, in my opinion as a Collingwood supporter, is not a good thing).

wjwat1 - did a lot of think about this last year, and what about the “good ol’” full forwards we used to have, who’s job was to just lead from the square and kick goals? If they bring in too many substitute rules I think players will get too burnt out and there will be more injuries but 150 subs a game is ridiculous! The Nab cup has done this…

"Six interchange players and two substitute players (as per 2010)

· Clubs will be required to identify on the team sheet up to six interchange players and two substitutes
· Substitutes can be introduced at any time of the match and for any reason
· A substituted player cannot return to the field for the remainder of the match
· This rule will also apply in the NAB Challenge."

…to be honest, I dont know what will solve it, or if it can be solved, or if the days of the team with a few big chunky forwards and a ruff as all hell full back is all over!