WTT: Rollers

Before I go all out on wind trainers etc. I am hoping I can try rollers - has anyone got a set that they aren’t using for a bit?

Yep I’ve got a set on permanent loan from (I think??) Tomacropod that you can try.

Badass. I will come and collect if thats okaaaaay?

… and will film my first few attempts to try and snag any LOLZ.

If these don’t end up being your cup of tea the offer of my fluid trainer is still open, mate.

Tip on setting them up, in case you haven’t done it before: you want your front axle no further forward that the axle of the front roller, and no further back than the back edge of that roller.

And it will usually take 2-3 goes on it before you’re steady enough to ride without hanging on to something.

Also, if you’re on a track bike, don’t pedal backwards.

Thanks mate - sorry to sound a little ungrateful for your offer, I don’t want it to come across that way. The only bike I have for this sort of stuff is the Kumo and I want to put as little stress on the bike as possible. I just don’t like the whole clamping of the axle on some of the trainers.

Thanks etomato for those tips!

No problems at all matey, it wasn’t taken as such.

Yep for sure. I could even give you a demo on setting up and starting off if you want. That will give plenty of LOLZ opportunities for you to film…

Anyone got rollers or a trainer I could borrow for a week after Christmas?

Yeah, the ones you leant me.

Want me to bring them to work tomorrow? Will you have a car?

Tomorrow will be perfect actually. I’ve got to drive past that way anyway