I feel really daggy when I ride my fixie. Still fun though, so there’s that.

Best of luck with the new venture.

Just going to address the elephant in the room here in saying that Kevin Rudd was prime minister well after the 90s?

Unless you were a big fan of his work as the Member for Griffith from 98-00?

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Yeh I assumed he was referring to his sterling work as a backbencher. RIP Kevin never forget.

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Kevin 97!

Did he ride a fixie?

If Rudd did ride a fixie it would have been chrome bianchi pista with front and rear brakes

Btw- Nothing wrong with that bike its just what i imagine him on

Also…good luck with new bike business

That euro once got some pretty good speed heading down Canterbury Road Vermont one night, I think that was the moment I knew my time was numbered and the fear was getting bigger.

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What the fuck…

What is happening…


I don’t know where to start…


Time is a flat circle.

Saw a dude riding a Nagasawa today.

Quickly pulled out a family photo to make sure i was still there and not slowly disappearing.


how wide were the bars tho?

I blacked out, cant remember.

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