Hi all, or whoever is still floating around on FOA
I’ve been a member on this page since 2012 and have been heavily involved with the fixed-gear scene since before then. They say its the “connectivity with the bike” that gets you hooked, but we all know fixies are just damn cool.

I’ve worked my way up from the globally recognized fixed-gear brand and community called FTWCRW and have finally raised the capital and put in the work to launch a new concept.

Vechter Bikes is a new Melbourne based fixed-gear and track bike company that jas just launched a fully fledged online store with frame-sets, complete bikes and more.

Let me know what you think!

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Thanks all <3


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did u mess in the 90s?

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So good to see you here again, hows the kids?


i believe this is the chap that got rammed by a car driving the wrong way down a 1-way street in perth after putting his d-lock through the windscreen…?

controversial indeed.


doesn’t ring a bell

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I remember the BNE messenger lupine who chainwhipped taxis and threw their keys into the stormwater drains c2006.

very interesting concept, can you explain to me why why kids these days have opted for the 700mm bars and have ignored the sacred traditions of 450mm risorz?

Further, do you have any thoughts on the cross-pollination seemingly evident between fixie culture and roadie culture, insofar as fixies kids now seem to run roadie length socks as opposed to no socks and rolled up jeans (aka the hipster erroneous zone)? Do you take this to be evidence of changing erotic trends/tastes or simply an indication of the erasure of difference amongst subcultures caused by late capitalism?


Still wish I was in the 90s. K Rudd and Co. Spice Girls. You know, all the good stuff.


Well. I boiled it down to the fact that most cities in Aus don’t have the traffic density to warrant narrow af bars. Hence why most people run 650-700… A metre matters right?

I’ve run 680’s at the last CMWC in Jakarta and didn’t sweat too much in the Alleycat :crazy_face:

Also yes. Got rammed, got on the front page of the West Australian paper. Good wholesome times working for Bring mercury.

Thanks for your reply. Makes sense. What are your thoughts on pulling a cleat while riding NOBR AKES down Collins Street heading for the Swanston intersection?

Can confirm I’ve experienced this.
I like to call it “getting galloped”
I trust straps over spd mtb (because of the float)
But road spd wound up to the Max does pretty good for a safe feel :upside_down_face:

great info thanks.


Good on you for getting out there and starting a business in bikes. Sounds like there’s a market for it with kids these days. As for here, I don’t think anyone has been on a fixie since SOTB (summer of track bike) dreaming back in 2014, and even then it was probably just reminiscence.

I’ll have you know I hd a good hard look at my Green and Gold Euro today.

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is that a euphemism

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450mm rizorz

450, why so wide bro? Ourys are like 130mm

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I logged off early and went for a spin to clear the head a few days ago. Had a special moment on the first downhill when a car turning right, pulled halfway through an intersection and stopped in front of me, and I thought I’d need to do a mad whipskid to slow down enough. It feels a bit like all the middle aged guys dying on sportsbikes after they stop riding while they raise kids

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