XL steel track frame

My sale… gotta clear at room as another tin lid on the way!
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A bit of an epic stuff up by me… I went to start wrapping up the groupset on Friday and noticed I was missing one brake calliper. I spent several hours tearing up the house and couldn’t find it so decided to end the auction early. In my haste and using my phone, I accidentally ended the auction for the frame instead of the group. After digging through the garage for most of yesterday I found the calliper - no idea how it got there, but seems suspiciously like the result of my better half’s “out of sight - out of mind” approach to cleaning.

TLDR: Group and frame will be relisted tonight.

Ok, it’s back up along with a stack of other stuff. Let this frame be sold.

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I like the mirror for the photo’s.

This stuff ending in the next few hours, good buying at the moment!