Yamaguchi track & Indie Fab Factory Lightweight

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The Yamaguchi is nice.

yeah that yamaguchi track is super sick.Where does one buy a yamaguchi frame?

Order them here. Highly recommend it.

yep the yamaguchi is the neez.
second hand frames can be sourced from japanese yahoo auctions, but the sellers will not post internationally, so you need to have a middle man/contact to sort it out for you.
helps if you know japanese also :stuck_out_tongue:

any more specs on the the yamaguchi OP?

The Yamaguchi is nice
i agree

thanks for that link dude. do you mind telling me how much it cost you all in all with the shipping from the us. i have heard shipping from the us is something like $600 for a frame and i wouldn’t be surprised if the frames go for something close to 2 grand

I was living in the US so I took advantage. I heard cost of shipping are stupid hi if you ship via air. But if you can wait 5 weeks sending via sea is a lot cheaper.

Yeah you are looking around the 2k depending on what options you get.

Mine was made with True Temper OX Platinum so that pushed the cost up. I also had a wait almost 6 months for him to get a 1 1/8th fork crown because I wanted threadless.

To date the bike is built up like a mongrel.

Dura ace cranks, American classic seatpost, Campy Omega wheels (been waiting to find a set of Araya Hard Anodized Aero Rims to lace to some Dura ace ) Phil Wood Ti bottom bracket, thomson stem, Nitto bars and King Headset.

wow that yama is amazing… definitely the only one in oz

good job!

Both are beautiful.

As for Yamaguchi’s, this pearler is up for grabs in the UK. If only I had a spare 2K. Hipsterliscious!!

oh I met you on a wednesday night ride a month or two back, the Yama is beautiful.

I used to have an OX platinum STANDARD 125 motocross BMX, was lights and strong.

Can’t believe noone has commented drooling over the IF… Soooooooooooooo nice!

Thanks Sime. I just got back from OS so will hopefully make it out on Wednesday next week.

It’s hard to say which of your children you love more, but if I had to split it the IF wins out by a whisker.