ye olde bike manufacturing

Cool vid (not so much OH&S)

British Council Film: How a Bicycle is Made

I watched a bunch of those British films after that one. Loved the shipbuilding one with the dogsbody kid chalking everything in sight. “HITLER IS A B”

Love seeing this sort of work being done.
Can’t help but feel that these people had a work ethic and a hands on approach to manufacturing that is near enough to being lost forever

this is awesome, can’t believe they manufactured every component from the raw materials. what was the quality of those old raleighs like?

Hard to compare to current stuff. They were simple, rudimentary bikes that were made to last a long time. Not refined or showing any finesse (not sporty). They did have divisions that made higher end race stuff but they were a big company and any racer would have a smaller builder make a frame for them.

haha! especially loved the bit where the frames are cleaned in a bath of steaming hot special solution ENGULFING THE POOR FACTORY WORKER.
OH&S, I love you.

awesome film

scary thing is I’ve actually used machines of similar vintage to those shown @ 2:44 and 10:50, though i am concerned about the lack of ductility displayed @ 2:44 :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow, that just destroyed all my romantic notions of vintage bikes.
Looks like soulless mass production and sweatshop conditions are nothing new in bicycle manufacture.
Good old British Industrial propaganda at it’s best.

Lots of ‘special solutions’ and ‘special processes’ - all probably leading to shortened lives of the workers. Great film though.


I’ll have to teach my gf to fit a tire and tube in less than 50 seconds

Top notch. The bike they showed was obviously a basic model and would have sold for a basic price. Note the recently enammed and pinstriped “Rudge.” There’s a Rudge at my folks’ place somewhere.

What I want to know is why no-one in Britain speaks like the lab coat Gentleman anymore?

More recent vid. (mid 70’s?) showing 2 extremes of bicycle frame manufacturing.