"yeah right" .... of the year award nomination

early 1950’s Colnago stepthrough …:confused:

Rare COLNAGO Bicycle. | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Ryde

someone want to email this guy to ask how it could possibly be verified?

Beautiful seat cluster

Fixed gear, back pedal brakes? Awesome

looks like the seat stays have a nice curve to them from being squeezed between the nuts/hub lol

Vintage COLNAGO? ROAD BIKE Resto/FIXIE COLUMBUS Frame (eBay item 190519239573 end time 10-Apr-11 21:15:04 AEST) : Sport

here is its sibling.
Last bike I saw with these tubes(identical frame) was a lowend Hi ten raleigh with some 80’s space age aero bullshit decals.

Yeah right!

Can be verified

I admire the sellers confidence!
But what if it is real? :slight_smile:

pretty sure those are the campy NJS track grips tho, right?..

If the seller was closer to me I’d go over and document/video the conversation just for fixed.org … up until such time as the police arrive :wink:
I 'd really love to because the seller deserves to have his time wasted and who better than me, eh? <grin>

Wondering if i should pretend to be Ernesto’s cousin and cosa nostra hitman?

Nice. The long lost Colnago stepthrough frame built exclusively for Pope John Paul II…

No, if was for another Pope with a very large sceptre

BICYCLE , ROAD RACER - CUSTOM MADE - (eBay item 250795026848 end time 06-Apr-11 21:53:56 AEST) : Sport

Looks like a powdercoat thickness around the seat cluster. even if it is ishiwata it’s an unrealistic price