Year Record

Now that Wiggo put the hour record out of reach, has anyone been following the recent/current attempts at the year record?

I didn’t even know, but some bloke named Kurt Searvogel broke Tommy Goodwin’s 1939 record in early 2016.

Steve Abraham is currently three weeks in and is planning to top that by just under 10000 miles.

But even better, Amanda Coker has achieved over 70000 miles with 60 days to go! She is estimated to complete 86000 miles by the end, which will be more than Steve’s planned total distance.

We’re talking 240 miles a day…386 k’s…there wouldn’t be enough hours in one day for me to do that, let alone get up the next day and do it all again.

genuinely unhinged

c’mon pinzo, you even posted in the old thread about this sorta stuff. keep it together.

^ Eh, new attempt, new thread.

Do they just go around a velodrome? Because that could get boring after the first 50,000 miles or so.

Na, they ride up and down the Nullarbor, way more exiting.