Your Favourite Cider

Bress Cider - from Harcourt.

YES!! we still have a few 750ml’s of the brut NV that sits a 10%

I tried a Rekorderlig. Way way too sweet.

Should have taken the recommendation from the bottle shop owner and bought the cloudy french stuff that had been filtered through straw. But $20 a bottle seemed like too much for an experiment.

So good! If ever you get a weekend off and want a good cellar door experience, go to Bress. Good food, great wine and cider, good produce and the guy who runs it is a champion who will talk your ear off. You can follow up with a visit to Henry’s of Harcourt - who do some pretty good cider also.

This may be a bit off track but there are so many booze threads I don’t know where to post.

So recently I’ve become employed and also gained the ability to purchase alcohol.
Walking into a booze store I’m struggling to tear my eyes away from the “cask wine section”,
I’ve never really bought anything other than Fruity Lexia (makes you sexier) and am looking for some advice for cheapish, nice tasting drinks which come in 6 packs. Found I was quite partial to cider but girls keep giving me Rekorderlig which tastes like strawberry cough medicine.
Just so you know I know next to nothing about alcoholic beverages.

we need a First Drinkers Guide thread.

anyone had old mount? its like 8% reallly good!

rekorderlig is far too sweet, apple however is bearable!

Their pear cider tastes like farts.

I bought a corked bottle of French cider to be fancy one night. Shit tasted like stale wine and blue cheese. Do not recommend, however I dont remember the brand.

Had a yarra valley pear cider the other day which was a very nice drop. Tasty but not too sweet.

while i do like their wine (and the cider is very decent), knowing that my brother stomped grapes there for a couple of vintages in only his underwear makes it difficult to drink seriously :wink:

one of their winemakers split a little while ago to do his own label out castlemaine… cant exactly remember the name but i’ve had that and its the business also.

growers cider - tasted like a ‘sharp’ soft drink and comes in 2L soft drink bottles… the broke tradies choice in western canada.

and sean - drink cask wine while you are young and can process the hangovers quickly/more easily. a big night on the goonbag can show you a new version of pain.

haha, Is this due to price? Just pretend that shit doesn’t exist, that’s the best way.

plus if you finish the bag blow it back up and you will have a pillow to sleep, which you will need coz you will propbly be able to sleep anywhere at that point

Ignore the cask wine, IGNORE IT!
Cheap Vodka, whatever’s on special, and a 2L bottle of coke. Pour out (don’t drink) about 1/4th of the cola, and fill it back up with the vodka.
Tip the bottle up to mix it, and store the bottle of vodka under your bed, and just take the 2L bottle of coke with you. If you’re a noob to boozin’ or vodka gets you smashed (like me. You should see me when I drink loads of scotch, I get VERY RANDY) then this will do you for the night by a long way brooooo

I’ve done that before, the trick is to not completely inflate other wise it won’t cup your head properly, doesn’t actually need too much air, just enough to get your head off the ground. It’s like inflating bike tires, low psi soaks up the bumps.

I can pretty safely say I probably haven’t had a real hangover, I usually wake up in the morning feeling great. Except this one time…