Your Favourite Cider

Over the last few months me and mates have gone from Beer only drinkers to tapping into Cider, and trying a lot of different ciders both sweet and dry. I want to know Ciders you rate, and please keep the Rekorderligs to a minimum, as your can only drink one of these awfully sweet drinks before feeling I’ll.

Latley I have been rating Three Kings Cider not only because tastes good and no awful after taste but you look badass drinkings from a black bottle.

So what is your favourite cider?

Cider weather is over. But when it is nice and hot, I always go Monteiths Crushed Apple. It is interesting to see that Cider has become very popular now and is appearing on tap at pubs. A trend? Maybe. Will see if these taps are still there in a couple of years.

And before anyone says it… Dickens Cider. There. Done… out of the system.

Except it costs a ridiculous amount. Like $8-10 for a 550ml bottle.

Monteiths apple and/or pear.

Bulmers on tap. Pipsqueak isn’t bad.

edit: agreed Cider weather is over, it is meant for only hot summer afternoons.

Monteith’s isn’t cider its Apple Isle with alcohol. Cider should be nice and dry.

My favourite local is:
Coldstream (Yarra Valley)

Also quite like:
Aspall (UK)

Have had the Napoleon and Pipsqueak, they’re nice but nothing special.

I’ve heard that Bob’s (Tassie) is pretty good, and its 8%

aspall is pretty pricey, on par with rekorderlig. but pretty damn good.
i really like the napoleon perry though, it’s almost smoky.
bulmers is good on tap, but it’s a heavy cider. pipsqueak isn’t as sweet as monteith’s, but monteith’s is getting more and more popular.

i find it interesting that now people are getting into pear ‘cider’ now so soon after they started drinking real cider. the marketing departments for the responsible breweries need to be congratulated.

Anyone brewed their own?

ok kids
kelly brothers in vic made and 100% apple and come’s in at 7% and tastes awesome its also stupidly cheap, we sell a stubby of it for $7 at my work(a bar in the city)

true south apple cider is a little sweet up front but super complex, drink it with ice to kill the sweetness a bit and melow out the flavor easily my favorite thing they do at the moment, also a vic brewer from just down in black rock

and if your going to do recoderlig just dont and do this instead

cheeky rascal is a 100% organic cider made down on the south east coast of vic, they do a strawberry and lime that is amazing and also comes in at 8%

and the main reason you see so many breweries making cider and there for more places stocking it is because cider is taxed like wine( so alot fucking less than beer!)
there for breweries can make it on the cide push it up alcohol wise still sell it cheap as shit and still make a profit

gene done close the thread before any one mentions three kings again and i have to hunt them down and shoot them

In the past, yes.
Only issue with it is the yeast chews all the sugars leaving it dry, with little or no sweetness.
Adding more sugar at bottling , just carbonates it as the yeast consumes it all.
Commercial brewer can centrifuge or pastuerise th product and then sweeten it at bottling as the yeast is gone.
Don’t use a shitty concentrate either as they are artificially sweetened.
get one of these Oztops - Home
Buy 100 % apple juice, no preservatives. ferment it out in your oz tops.It will still be drier than you want ,no matter what their marketing says. Then simply put a finger or 2 or sweet juice in a glass and top up with the cider. sweet fresh home made cider.

for cheap goodness, three oaks’ dry variety has been giving me tonguegasms lately

Mercury Black. Pity they don’t make it anymore.


and this

if you find rekorderling too sweet, split a bottle with a pal over ice and drop a shot of gin in it - takes the edge off it.

also gets you very drunk as you re now using booze as a mixer.

You can’t really get the three litres of Omega Cider that tramps drink in the UK over here…

also no one drinks snakebite and black (pint glass, half cider, half beer, topped with blackcurrant cordial), although that’s not really a bad thing.

I’ll drink any cider, asl long as it has ice in the glass.

That’s definitely a good thing. There’s also half Guinness and cider, can’t remember what it’s called though…black velvet?

this has to be one of my favourites. nice and dry. not too sweet.

That’s the one…
It’s a ruthless concoction that alot of UK pubs refuse to sell anymore.

Give me a Mercury Draught and ill be happy.

The simple pleasures are always the best.

that is called a ‘poor mans velvet’
black velvet is traditionally done with Guinness and Champaign

edit- i actally think Guinness is a pretty shit house stout, well the stuff we get over here aany way.
but black velvet or a poor mans velvet isn’t half bad i used to drink it alot when i lived in the uk, just make sure you poor the cider into the glass first! and add the Guinness off tap in 2 or 3 small pours