your interactions with the Track World Champs.

Yo, email me whenever you have an interaction with any of the teams here for the track world champs. saying hi, trying to race them, trackstanding, whatever. it’s all good.

xthenewtimerx at gmail dot com

I saw Gene this morning.

Does this count?

was he wearing his malaysia skinsuit?

thanks CC! straight to twitter! my expert commentary on the world champs has begun!

i rode past a hot chick in the french team kit, i said good luck, she smiled back…

alright, you can also post your interactions here. way to bend the rules, GZA.

Italian team heading on roadies on mass to disc this morning, in the car so only real interaction was me registering that it was the italian team.


i’ll keep some of that.

Italian team leaving pizza-a-meter. Apparently they carbo load there for lunch and dinner most days.

perko got hit by a car today. sprained wrist, bruised glute, apparently.

posted this in missed connections… but you know. .

ukraine team riding down royal parade/elizabeth street, drivers getting pissed that they were taking up a whole lane, i liked it, felt safe riding on elizabeth street for once!

blonde ukranian girl said she liked my bike/cotton bar tape.

rumour has it the car was written off.

I totally missed this thread, given I have spotted 2 teams in 3 days.


s’alright man. you can check it all out on twitter. and i’ll probably recap it all on the blog in a couple of days. perhaps with a map, if anyone could show me how to do that.

New Zulland team headin past albert park, presumably after playing sunday morning on beeach rd. 1 guy not in the black and white local guide?

Canuck’s on Yarra Blvd, Sunday Arvo

members of two of the womens’ teams riding two across on main yarra trail yesterday and refusing to make room for anyone in the opposite direction- yesterday and today

joking right???