Your Scene Sucks

if you can guess the week in which the fixie kids appear on this … I will buy you a sammich

don’t worry though, fixed is out, shopping trolleys are so hot right now. And look, freewheel, and shoes for brakes. Looks familiar :sunglasses:

I’ll guess; sooo last week?

I wonder what Andy would have to say about that sammich.

He got the clothes, but missed the fixtie, rolled, pants leg.

And I guess even homeless guys have seen MASH. Sell all your NJS stuff and get down to the supermarket.

The shark has now been, well and truly, jumped !

Carts of Darkness? Heaviest film I’ve seen in a while…

The trailer doesn’t really give you an idea of what the film shows. Yeah there is hill bombing (and i mean real hills… SF style), but listen to what the narrator says… the back story to the subjects in the film is at times uplifting, but mainly heart wrenching. It’s more of a doco about these homeless guys who collect bottles and cans (5 or 10c each on return) in a very hilly and affluent area… and how they interact (or don’t) with society. It’s rugged as hell at times.

I don’t think the filmer/director/producer (Murray) had even heard of fixed gears/mashing when he was filming it. In that part of town you are far more likely to see dudes rolling around on duallys with fullfaces and armour or 10K carbon roadies being driven around.

:expressionless: yeah. Sounds like The Gleaners and I. Point taken