Youtube Fixie Post Of The Day (FPOTD)

spud edit: this thread has been cleaned of pointless postings, and i hereby decree is for youtube links only.

i win :smiley:


I had to stop that, the music was terrible (initially). I think later it was The Go Team, but I’m not sure.

What I find funny about YouTube fixed videos is pretty much everyone here can ride their bikes like that, so it gets kind of boring watching someone else do it.

I enjoy seeing some of the tricks stuff, and fast riding through cars and down hills is cool, but yeah, I’m not 100% sold on majority of the fixed videos.

In saying that, keep posting them.


I agree this video gets really BORING really quickly…

“hey look at me I’m riding down a hill on my fixie”

well it is ‘fixed’ I suppose

While we’re going down that road might as well put in the best.

^Beebus he must be fit!!!

check this mad #$@t out!!

I’m catching up on that fixedgearsbikes blog, came across this post:

goddamn I wish I had the bones and the courage to do that. it’s fucking mental.

Duffy does fixed singlespeed!

Who or what the fuck is a Duffy?

Google told me this:

Duffy, a Welsh singer and songwriter, is a rising soul star winning the world with her strong voice and genuine lyrics. She’s young but she’s already cited as one of the brightest soul stars of the day. Though being often in the spotlight now, Duffy manages to balance sincerity and openness in public and privacy of her personal life.

at this point duffy should shove a fork up her arse then scream “if only this blood was talent!”

slightly better then the duffy one…

Funny comments on this vid:

captainpolution (2 months ago)
aerospoke=fucking gay
also, kids withtheir parents money=gay

homelessduck93 (1 month ago)
haters on youtube=gay

MASTERCON12 (1 month ago)
Idiot that thinks that the HED3 wheel is an aerospoke=gay