Youtube of the week

Watching this in the office would have got you sacked in 1950:

and this from the ‘comments’:

“She’s gorgeous…but she dances like somebody that survived a head shot.”

I’ve seen more erotic things printed on cereal boxes. Times sure have changed.

Marilyn Mansons ex does a good modern day version that’s NSFW

best tv chef in the world…

sure it might not be very nice to be laughing at this, but the guy looks like he’s having a great time,

That would have been the most porno thing back then

And this guy… the bit where it gets creapy is with the Yogy Bear impersonations. Then one of the links to the salad dressing thing :? :? :?

This looks like a lot of fun… street curcuit…

Kellogg’s city centre cycling 1983 part 1 - YouTube