Yum Pursuit

BAGLINI PURSUIT FRAME CINELLI fork Size 54 for FIXIE TT - eBay Bicycles Frames, Cycling, Outdoor Sports, Sporting Goods. (end time 07-Sep-10 09:31:40 AEST)

This is pretty cool btw, http://cgi.ebay.com/rare-ADJUSTABLE-BULLHORN-bars-stem-PURSUIT-ROAD-TRACK-/110581752597?pt=Cycling_Parts_Accessories&hash=item19bf2fa315#ht_500wt_1154

saw this last night, have bought a frame from the seller before, good guy.

Is there any room for adjustment or do you just have to get the ration spot on?
Condition isn’t that great so i have no idea what i would do with it :S

looks like there is enough room for adjustment, if not just get a half link.

btw i’ve got those bullhorns

are they any good (bullhorns)? Also, suggestions, leave as is or re-spray?

Why in the name of hell would you respray it?

Condition isn’t very good. Needs new stickers.
I love the frame, but unsure?

Well don’t powdercoat it or anything crazai.
Also, do you really need a pursuit frame to ride to school? Are you often late?

coz you will be if you start riding thi every day, back pain, physio appointments ect…

clearly not with riz0rs and hot pink potatoes and powder coat whiteee

On a serious note, either done by spray ya bike or black/sparkly type job. 80% leave as is

On a serious note, if you touch the paint on something like that Jesus will punch a puppy

Sorry in advance…

I’m kidding.

I agree. If you don’t think that’s good condition and can’t see the beauty of the frameset as is then you you really have a lot to learn about bikes. To respray that would be to piss money away and show the world what a knob you are … to put it lightly :slight_smile:

they’re flexy