Zierholz Brewery Ride.

Thinkin’ of heading out to Zeirholz Brewery (Fyshwick) for a b’day beer and German sausage on Sat. Shuts at 7 (or later) according to the website so thinkin’ of arriving about 3pm.

If anyone on here is keen i’m happy to ride via civic, let me know. Probly 2:30ish.

Merry birthday! Sounds like a fitting ride. I’m out though - heading to wagga till sunday. Velodrome beers sunday arvo?

Won’t be able to make it sorry dude, outta town for the long weekend.
Happy birthday and i’ll buy you a beer or few when I get back!

No worries guys. For those who’ve contacted me and are riding the meeting place will be Debacle at 2:30 for a beer fuel-up or by Brodburger closer to 3 and catch us as we swing by. Cheers.

Hey Ty,

Sorry I won’t be able to make it. My step brother is getting married this weekend. (I am so fkn over weddings, 9 this year!!) Enjoy the beer man! Happy Birthday as well… Woot!

I’m new to Canberra and in the office at Fyshwick today, might drop by if I get out of here early enough - need to meet locals and any excuse to drink beer (especially good beer) is a good excuse.

Great beer and food. Thanks for coming guys. I still have the meat sweats…