14-15 CX Series

CORC announced their Summer CX series

CORC’s Capital Cyclocross Series 2014-15- CORC: Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

Locations look pretty interesting. I am keen to get amongst it!

Bump! This is coming soon! I watched a couple of the ones they organised last summer and it was pretty cool. Should try and do the races this time.

First round on 15 November:

Capital Cyclocross Series Round 1- CORC: Canberra Off-Road Cyclists

Word on the street is that EzyLee is keen to ride

I’ll come down and watch the first race and scope it out and if I think it’s to my ability, I’ll jump in the next round.

if you can ride a bike, it’s to your ability…get amongst it from the get go.

I’m away for most of Summer but I’ll make it to rounds four and five.

Also, What Tate said! If you can do the Kumo-overnighter you can certainly do a 40 minute cross race.

Yup - I am doing it. I will be hot off the back of Spooky Cross so will probably take it out.

I don’t want to have a whinge, but I will. The timing of this thing is a little balls. Weekday + starts at 5pm. I will have to get some time off work to get to them.

It’s pretty much next door to your house.

From what I can see all rounds are on Saturdays 4-7pm.

Fuck I am an idiot. Apologies - I didn’t even check. Last time they ran these it was mid week.

So as Luke mentioned, these are about 1km away from my house. So beers and bbq after at mine!! BOOM.

The one I watched was a Saturday.
Taking you up on the offer.
PS. My B’day is very close to that date so extra cause to celebrate.

Well I have no idea whats going on then. Maybe it was dirt crits.

Sounds like a good plan, thanks for the invite!

Sweet, saw this on the quaddess’ cx calender on the weekend. Have just got the green light from the wife and so will be heading down for a few of the dates. Nov, jan, feb and march are on the cards ATM moment (to be whittled down by as yet unplanned/unforseen double bookings)
super pumped.

summer CX sounds like roadie with 23mm tyres. I will say that I’m keen and then probably not race.
i’m keen.


noob question:
will a CA recreational licence cover this? or do i have to pick up a day licence?

If not - you can get a MTBA licence for 2 months (What I am doing for this series also + spooky cx).


rec licence won’t cover. go the mtb route ezy is doing.

awesome - thanks mate.

Hey guys - this sucks, but I am going to have to withdraw the BBQ shindig. My brother has put on a last minute bday party for my niece, and we are also getting a new fence put up that day, which will make our courtyard a bit better for the next CX race.

Sorry if this fucks people up.